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Friction Welding Machine
Sakae's Friction Welding Machine
WF100S-2000 / WF120S-3000
The standard specifications of Friction Welding Machine
The samples of combination of materials
The Friction Welding Movie
The control systems of Friction Welding Machine
The samples of components

The Shot Blast Machine/The Shot Peening Machine

Tire Friction Energy Test Machine
Torsion Test Machine

Sub-contact Design, Sub-contact Manufacturing

Sub-contact Products

List of machine and equipment
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Sakae's first president Eikichi Nakatani founds Sakae Kogyosho. The company is involved mainly in repairing machine tools and manufacturing machine parts.
The company's name is changed to Sakae Koki KK.
Capital of 300,000 yen is paid in.
Manufacturing and sales of shot blasting machines starts.
1957 Capital is increased to 1,200.000 yen.
1960 The Electric Appliance Manufacturing Department is established.
Capital is increased to 4,800,000 yen
1961 The company's name is changed to Sakae Industries Co., Ltd.
The Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturing and Sales Department is separated and made independent. (Now Sakae Chuki Co., Ltd.)
1970 Capital is increased to 10,000,000 yen.
1974 Capital is increased to 20,000,000 yen.
1982 The headquarters and plants are moved to current location in Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, new buildings constructed.
1985 Manufacture and sales of friction welding machines starts.
1989 Manufacture and sales of hot spinning machines starts.

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