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Friction Welding Machine
Sakae's Friction Welding Machine
WF100S-2000 / WF120S-3000
The standard specifications of Friction Welding Machine
The samples of combination of materials
The Friction Welding Movie
The control systems of Friction Welding Machine
The samples of components

The Shot Blast Machine/The Shot Peening Machine

Tire Friction Energy Test Machine
Torsion Test Machine

Sub-contact Design, Sub-contact Manufacturing

Sub-contact Products

List of machine and equipment
The photograph of products

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Sakae Industries Co.,Ltd. is one of manufacturers of the friction welding machine. We are manufacturing and selling the friction welding machine and have a job shop in our factory with acceptable for trail test, making samples on customers' request.
Use friction welding process makes the effective of quality and cost cutting for components and welding work-pieces.
warning Recently a fraud case carried out by a person who was pretending to be a Sakae Industries Co., Ltd. employee has been reported.
Please be careful. 
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